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Who are we?

Team Vanguard:

We form a close group of friends and enjoy Airsoft as an team sport, where not the skills of a single persons is important but the cohesion of the teams determine the success. The team name Vanguard originates from the fact that all vanguard players prefer a highly offensive playing style. A defensive position is more often than not switched into a full on counter attack. As a wise man once said/we live by the motto "a good offence is the best defence" This doesn't mean we always agree with each other. passionate discussions about how's to blame for something I relevant are common and always ends in a good laugh, where someone is bound to make a fool of himself. Most of the time you can find us on the field (favourite Commando in Schoten,Belgium), but more recently indoor games come on the agenda as well. That's where we are eager to learn and get some more experience. The team has large amount of players with a technical background and are passionate to combine that with Airsoft. Lots of "experiments" are brought to life (checkout the projects tab) which all had there bugs and features laughed at by fellow airsofters throughout the years, but this only motivates us more to improve and enjoy engineering. The last years our team is further reinforced by some young blood and open minds which has a very positive effect on the team. Still interested in background stories? Check out our team in person below, or meet us on the field!!


My name is Soner, gametag: SultanSoner, I am 42 years old and playing airsoft sinds 2003. I am one of the first member of our team, basically what we have is not only a team but brotherhood. We play very offensive and we know automatically what the do as 1 team. I'm the team captain in battle but it's more that I am the contact for other teams or platoons and less how our team should function in game.


I’m Mark-Ivo better known as MIO. I’m 38 years old and play Airsoft for about 17 years. I like this sport because of the intense experience you get from the actions in the field of combat. I like it when i can hit someone because of the strategic movement i’ve made. Or simple because i’m faster than the opponent. That’s why i love Airsoft, tactics, speed, adrenaline and fun.


They call me Abdel, and my tag is SultanAbdel. I'm 41 years old and I live in boxtel. I started playing airsoft about 17 years ago together with SultanSoner where we met Mio and later on we met Nijntje. My play style is always looking for weak points and exploit them. The name Vanguard came later on when we where with 5 friends. Vanguard stands for tip of the spearhead and/or advanced front and thats mainly our teams playstyle.


I’m Luuk and active for 18 years on the Airsoft field. I love the trill and adrenaline of being behind enemy lines, out flanking and getting up close & personal with a knife kill if the opportunity arises. Besides Airsoft I have a passion for engineering and together with MIO try to combine the two in all kinds of Airsoft projects (checkout the projects tab). The practicality on the field is always debatable, but we always have a good time thinking, debating and building. Loadout: L85A2, Glock 18, M9 bayonet


My name is Tim Pijnenburg, gamertag: Lake 26 years old and live in 's-Hertogenbosch. I play airsoft for 7 years now. I came in contact with the sport because of my cousin(MIO). I'm a very offensive player and together with Nando im I a attacker. I love it when we are playing with all of our players, because if we are with everybody, we rule the place!!


My name is Nando, gamertag: SultanNando, I am 26 years old and playing airsoft for almost 8 years. Sultansoner has taken me with his friends once with airsoft. And since that time i felt in love with the sport. Because of him, I am now part of team Vanguard. Because we play a lot with eachother we know everything about everyone of our team. Because i have tried a lot of different playing styles I know that the attacking style is the best for me.